edit: We are no longer taking submissions. Thanks for the run!

so glad is my heart is published monday through friday.


    • this is a non-paying market and there is no fee to submit.


  • you must provide name and working email (pseudonyms are fine BUT no anonymous entries)
  • can be fiction, creative non-fiction, or visual, but must be under 500 words and visual works must be standalone pieces that follow the themes presented.
  • images should be in high res and preferably sent as a JPG.
  • the submission can be about anything or anyone. there are no rules of context, characters, plot, or guidelines EXCEPT the work must be standalone piece AND no poetry, fan fiction, or erotica. we love those things too, but this is not that place
  • we reserve the right to edit for clarity and the occasional typo, but the work must be as polished as you can humanly make it
  • you may submit multiple stories/images


  • copyright of the work remains the property of the author, who, after 30 days of publication of the work, is free to publish the work elsewhere.
  • Upon any subsequent publication after publication in so glad is my heart, the author will ensure that work is accompanied by the following statement: “This work was originally published in the so glad is my heart.”
  • we prefer unpublished pieces, but we will accept reprints. we would also request that if you have this work published elsewhere that you also include link or cite so we can credit back.
  • while authors retain all copyrights to their glad is my heart is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

these requirements could change at anytime and without notice. questions?